Ramlan Ortega Sensei awarded 6th Dan


Our Ramlan Ortega Sensei was awarded his rokudan (6th dan) today by his teacher Joe Thambu Shihan, a momentous occasion for the Shudokan schools of Singapore and Malaysia which he leads. In his presentation, Thambu Shihan expressed his thoughts on how past a certain level of seniority the emphasis is less of what the art does for you and more about what you do for the art - something which Ramlan Sensei has pursued with tireless dedication traversing both countries to establish and build our communities. It has been an honour sensei, congratulations!

Ramlan Ortega Sensei 6th Dan

Grading Results - 8th October 2017

Grading Poster 8th Oct 2017.jpg


Congratulations to all who graded on 8th October 2017. The following students have been promoted:


    JUNIOR 8th Kyu (Red Belt)

    • Jasmine Hull

    JUNIOR 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

    • Akila Sohini Sarma
    • Alex Reeder

    SENIOR 6th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

    • Oo Xin Man

    SENIOR 5th Kyu (Green Belt)

    • Ch'ng Wei Seng
    • Shawn Wong
    • Tetsutaro Morizumi

    SENIOR 4th Kyu (Blue Belt)

    • Chew Yee Kiat

    Graded By :
    Ramlan Ortega Sensei
    Kelvin Kong Sensei

    Ramlan Ortega Sensei Interviewed by Aiki Insights


    Our chief instructor, Ramlan Ortega Sensei was recently interviewed by Marvin Oka of Aiki Insights ( at the Aikido Shudokan Heidelberg dojo.

    Aiki Insights is a student support service and resource library for students of Aikido, offering in-depth interviews with renown Aikido Sensei around the world designed to deepen the understanding of Aikido. Please subscribe to the website to gain access to these interviews!