Kelvin Kong Sensei

Kelvin Kong Sensei is the instructor and administrator of Aikido Shudokan Singapore.

He started training aikido in 2007 under Jaimie Sheppard Sensei (6th dan) in Canada and later joined Aikido Shudokan Singapore in 2009. Kelvin obtained his 1st dan from Dr. Ramlan Sensei in 2013 and was one of the first shodan to be graded in Singapore under the yoshinkan aikido system.

Kelvin was a member of the demo team in the “100 Years of Aikido Celebrations” hosted by Aikido Shudokan Malaysia in October of 2012. He took part in the 28th SEA Games Singapore Martial Arts Section Opening Demonstration in June of 2015 featuring the instructors of Aikido Shudokan, and taking uke for the founder of Aikido Shudokan Indonesia, Mark Hadiarja Sensei (5th dan). In November of 2015, Kelvin travelled to Japan to attend the Aikido DEN Seminar 2015 featuring Kancho Kyoichi Inoue Sensei (10th dan). Kelvin also participated in the 2015 Shinkendo Shimbukan Singapore Seminar led by its founder Kaiso Obata Toshishiro, himself a former practitioner of yoshinkan aikido and uchi deshi under Gozo Shioda. Kelvin received his 2nd dan in August of 2017 after grading in front of Joe Thambu Shihan (8th Dan), Dr. Ramlan Sensei (6th Dan), Mark Hadiarja Sensei (5th Dan), and Pawel Felisiak Sensei (5th Dan).

Actively involved in the promotion of yoshinkan aikido in Singapore, Kelvin hosted Robert Mustard Shihan (8th dan) and Joe Thambu Shihan (8th dan) to headline the Modern Masters Seminar in October of 2015, and organised a special aiki-budo class featuring Joe Thambu Shihan in March of 2016.

As an instructor, Kelvin teaches the adult class every Wednesday evening and the children’s class on Sunday afternoons. He is also the instructor and aikido ECA coordinator for ISS International School’s elementary and middle schools at the Paterson Road campus, teaching their classes every Friday afternoon.

Kelvin also organised a closed-door demonstration for members and staff of Alexandra Hospital on 30 May 2016, featuring Dr Ramlan and the rest of the team, which led to Aikido Shudokan Singapore later conducting its first-ever bespoke beginners course for non-aikido practitioners outside of the dojo.