Grading Results – 9th April 2017



  1. Suresh Lee Krishnamoorthy


JUNIOR 5th Kyu (Orange Belt)

  1. Rachel Tan – Credit
  2. Lewy Wong – Credit
  3. Isabella Chow – Credit


SENIOR 6th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

  1. Shawn Wong – Pass
  2. Chris Kong – Pass
  3. Tetsutaro Morizumi – Pass


SENIOR 5th Kyu (Green Belt)

  1. Chew Yee Kiat – Pass


SENIOR 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt)

  1. Felix Lim – Pass


SENIOR 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)

  1. Matthias Hillner – Pass

Graded By :
Ramlan Ortega Sensei

Thinesh Lee Krishnamoorthy Shodan Grading


Aikido Shudokan Malaysia is proud to share this video of Thinesh Lee Krishnamoorthy's Shodan (1st Dan) grading in Singapore from a few weeks ago.

This video embodies all the values that Aikido Shudokan hopes to foster in our Aikidoka, the most important being the spirit of never giving up even when pushed to the limit. Once again congratulations to our newest Shodan, Thinesh!