Grading Results - 14th April 2019

Congratulations to all children and adults who passed their grading recently. Everyone showed a high spirit during their grading.

Kipp Worsley - 7th Kyu

SENIOR 8th Kyu (Red Belt)
Bowie Chen

SENIOR 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Jericho Choo Zheng Jie
Kerryn Ng Jin Xuan

SENIOR 6th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Asakura Yoichi

SENIOR 5th Kyu (Green Belt)
Cora Cheung Ho Sai

JUNIOR 8th Kyu (Red Belt)
Raven Chew
Ruben Chew
Keita Rietig

JUNIOR 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Kathlyn Srinivasan
Dylan Leahy
Chan Ning Carmel
Chan Jun Ariel

Graded By :
Ramlan Ortega Sensei
Emma Idzura Sensei
Kelvin Kong Sensei

Feature on Rugbypass with ex-professional rugby player Neil Best


A few months ago, an ex-professional rugby player, Neil Best, came to train with us for a trial class to see what Aikido techniques he could apply in the context of rugby and other sports, as part of a video series he has been doing trying out various martial arts and combat sports. Check out the full article and video in the link below!

Grading Results - 4th November 2018


Congratulations to all who graded on 4th November 2018. The following students have been promoted:

JUNIOR 8th Kyu (Red Belt)

  • Karan Lakhiani

  • Rohan Lakhiani

  • Chan Jun Ariel

  • Kathlyn Srinivasan

  • Lucas

  • Chan Ning Carmel

  • Dylan Leahy

JUNIOR 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

  • Huaiyao Lu

  • Kerryn Ng Jin Xuan

  • Kipp Worsley

  • Jericho Choo Zheng Jie

  • Bryan

JUNIOR 6th Kyu (Green Belt)

  • Aqila Sohini Sarma

  • Alex Reeder

Senior 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)

  • Cora Cheung Ho Sai

Senior 6th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

  • Jordan Lew

Senior 6th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

  • George M.

Graded by:
Ramlan Orega Sensei
Emma Idzura Sensei
Kelvin Kong Sensei

Ending off the Aikido Shudokan International Gasshuku 2018

Participants of the Aikido Shudokan International Gasshuku 2018

Participants of the Aikido Shudokan International Gasshuku 2018


Another successful Gasshuku done and dusted, this time in Bandung, Indonesia hosted by our brothers and sisters from Aikido Shudokan Indonesia.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to our instructors, Joe Thambu Shihan, Ramlan Ortega Sensei, Ondra Musil Sensei, Enrica Cheung Sensei, and Mark Hadiarja Sensei for sharing their invaluable knowledge on and off the mats.

We would also like to thank the team at Aikido Shudokan Indonesia for taking care of us and truly making us feel at home. Until the next one, osu!

The Aikido Shudokan Singapore participants with the instructors

The Aikido Shudokan Singapore participants with the instructors

Our New Home in Singapore



We are officially open for business! Having just conducted our first classes in our new dojo last night, we are working hard to get the new space up to standard (bar some minor kinks and teething issues) as a training environment and home for our students in Singapore.

Nonetheless, Aikido Shudokan Singapore is now a fully-functional full-time dojo ready to take on more students in the name of spreading the art of yoshinkan aikido!

With the soft opening, we would like to announce the new training schedule as follows:-

6:30pm - 7:30pm - Kids
7:45pm - 8:45pm - Adults
9:00pm - 10:00pm - Individual Training

Saturday & Sunday
2:30pm - 3:30pm - Kids
3:45pm - 4:45pm - Adults
5:00pm - 6:00pm - Individual Training

If you're a martial artist or thinking of getting into martial arts, why not hit us up for a free no obligations trial class? See you on the mats. Osu!

The new training schedule and location of our dojo can be found here.