Aikido Shudokan Singapore was established in 2007 under Dr Ramlan Ortega Sensei from humble beginnings in a community centre in Bukit Batok, before moving in 2009 to its present location in Jagsport Budo Academy in Lavender. With the resources to only conduct classes only once a week, growth for our fledgling community was slow and laboured. People came and people left, but Dr Ramlan nurtured the small community of aikidoka, eventually grading Singapore’s first yoshinkan black belts in 2013, and grooming them as instructors in the tradition of the Shudokan.

Kelvin Kong Sensei took on the mantle of local instructor and administrator, and began teaching classes on Wednesday evenings in 2015, officially increasing classes to twice a week, while Dr Ramlan continues to travel to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur every Sunday to instruct the students. Aikido Shudokan Singapore has also expanded its reach as the aikido ECA to ISS International School (Paterson Road), as well as course provider to Sengkang Health (Alexandra Hospital) for bespoke beginner course package.

Every student should aspire to embrace the philosophies of yoshinkan aikido and spread these teachings to the larger community. At Aikido Shudokan Singapore, we believe the following principles are essential to our study of this discipline:-

Aikido is First and Foremost a Martial Art. It is easy to forget that Morihei Ueshiba began aikido as aiki-budo, a martial art taught to warriors seeking practical threat neutralisation. This is the method by which the founder Gozo Shioda was taught, and the same philosophy and attitude that permeated his own teachings to his students. Take away the “martial” and all that remains is a lost “art”. Being built on a foundation of discipline and regimentation, every student should strive to uphold the martial way inherent in yoshinkan aikido.

Demand More from Aikido and Yourself. Every student should seek to achieve and maintain a high level of aikido for himself or herself. It is only through adversity and training from which personal growth is born – you are your own worst enemy. Don’t bring fear, anger, insecurity and self-doubt everywhere you go. Leave your ego at the door and centre yourself on the mats.